CWA Local 1171

From the Office of the Secretary/Treasurer - 10/21/2020

A secret ballot election for the offices of President, Vice President, and New York Area Rep is being conducted by mail. PLEASE BE SURE CWA HAS YOUR CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS ON FILE.

Ballots for this election are being mailed to members on November 4, 2020. Any eligible member who has not received a ballot in the mail at home by November 18, 2020, or any member who spoils a ballot may request a new ballot by contacting the Election Committee at [email protected].  If you request and return another ballot, only the replacement ballot will be counted.

Ballot secrecy can only be preserved if you personally mark and mail your own ballot. Do not allow anyone else to mark or handle your ballot or see how you vote. Do not give your ballot to anyone else for mailing. Do not hand deliver your ballot to the union office.

IMPORTANT: Your mail in ballot MUST be postmarked no later than December 2, 2020, in order to be counted on December 8, 2020.


In Unity,

Heidi Andrews                        Cindy Dillon                                       Gary Wiley JR
Committee Chair                    Committee Member                        Committee Member

ANNOUNCEMENT from the Secretary/Treasurer - 10/07/2020
I was notified earlier today by the Local 1171 Election Committee Chair Heidi Andrews that the current Local Officers Election has been suspended. The Election Committee suspended the election due to multiple reports of irregularities that upon investigation could result in a compromised situation, jeopardizing the integrity of the election. Additional information, new Election dates, etc. will be forthcoming from the Election Committee.
Jane Crompton
CWA Local1171